Meet Taylor Li, sales associate at Ridgewood Running Compmany, who joined the team in 2013

Taylor has been sprinting down Sesame Street since she began her running career at the age of 10. She competed in the 100m/200m through middle school and continued into high school.  Once on the high school team she tried her hand at everything besides distance running. She found her passion in the jumps and currently specializes in high, long & triple jump. Taylor aka T-Li enjoys working at the Running Company because “it’s a great environment, music is always on and coworkers are always friendly”. She is prides herself on being the most energetic & enthusiastic person on the sales floor- she welcomes a challenge for the title.

Training Tip: The Duck Pond in Ridgewood is a great place for beginners given its mile markers, scenic location & easy footing. It’s a relaxing route for anyone looking to add a little exercise to their day.           

Fun Face: Taylor dislikes shoes with colors that are a mixture of green and purple. Reminds her too much of Barney!

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