Staff Profile: Massoud Messkoub

Meet Massoud Messkoub, sales associate at Morristown Running Company, who was hired in 2007.

At 67 years young, Massoud is certainly an expert on running. He has competed in almost 60 marathons (including one in each of the 50 states) and his goal is to run 70 marathons before he turns 70. His favorite running shoe is the Nike Vomero. He calls it “the BMW of shoes.” He loves meeting new runners finding new recruits for his running club, The Turtle Road Runners.

massoud messkoub morristown running company

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  1. Gregg Blanchfield says


    it has been such a long time since we last spoke. I was looking for something about running on the web when I spotted your name….something about completing 50 marathons. wow congratulations. you inspired me to run my first marathon for my 50th birthday. I have since run half a dozen 1/2 marathons. perhaps its time for another 26.2. I hope you will send me a note about how you are doing.

    Gregg Blanchfield

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