10 signs You Are a Burnt-Out Runner

I think I need to presuppose in this article that I am very high mileage runner and have been for the last nine years. I’m 26 years ‘young’ currently. Let me also define high mileage from my perspective.  4300-5000 miles per year.

Now that we have that foundation I can get into my story. I was sitting at work with my co-worker and coincidently someone I have trained with since I have been 15. We were reading an article that we found on the Feetures! (great socks) facebook page


We got a good laugh from the first 3 but we thought it went a little off topic in description of us so, we, through run.com, present the following.

10 signs You Are a burnt-Out Runner

1.)    A pot of coffee and a GU is a well-balanced breakfast,

2.)    You decide that your lunch break is a good time for 30 extra minutes of running

3.)    You have run enough miles around your favorite loop to circle the earth

4.)    You self-diagnose a known stress fracture as a bone bruise so you don’t feel guilty running on it

5.)     Your only friends are people who are capable of doing long runs with you

6.)    The worst part of your day is getting out of bed, some days your scared to cause you can’t differentiate the creaking of the floor from that of your legs

7.)    You don’t remember your last solid bowel movement and you pay attention to this

8.)     You talk about running accidentally at social events when you know everyone around you doesn’t care or has no clue what you’re talking about.

9.)    You run so much that multiple people, well lots of people, are mad at you

10.)                        After three consecutive failed smell tests (pushing the shirt against your face and taking a big wiff) of a shirt that hasn’t been washed in, well, you don’t know how long, the fourth smell test seemed less offensive and now you’re wearing it.


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