4.825 mile trail run from Lewis Morris Park, Morristown, NJ

Here’s a beautiful 4.825 mile trail run from Lewis Morris Park in Morristown, NJ. The trail starts on Route 24/510 on Patriots Path across from Sunrise Lake and turns around at Cold Hill Road in Mendham. You can go much farther on Patriot’s path but this is a good starting point if you have never run here before. It’s mostly shaded trail, mostly uphill to Cold Hill Road, and then a fast downhill back to Sunrise Lake. As always, be careful for wet leaves. The stones on the path were replenished after Hurricane Sandy, so be careful to watch your footing and avoid the temptation to pass your buddies on the fast downhill.

Wet leaves and new rocks can both send you flying, so concentrate on your footing on the way back. At the mouth of the trail, on the left, there is a bridge over a brook, a nice, quiet place to stretch after your run. From that bridge, you can continue on Patriot’s path going east on the trail that takes you all the way to Sussex Avenue, Historic  Speedwell, just north of Morristown.

gayes route

And Shhh… only tell your best running buddies about this gem of a trail! Right now, it’s relatively quiet on Saturday mornings and on weekdays. Weekends, there are folks walking dogs, and mountain bikers, so be prepared to be polite and step aside. I’ve never met a mountain biker that stopped for a runner on a trail!


Gaye McVeigh

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