My New Balance Fresh Foam, No Longer Fresh But Still Foam.

After being convinced that the North East was plummeting into an ice age, spring seems to have revealed itself. The snow has disappeared; the sun seems to be gaining strength and alas the depression of winter lifts as vitamin D levels start to rise. With the melting snow Watchung Reservation has yet again granted runners and hikers access to the trails for the first time since the middle of December. You better believe I took advantage of this momentous occasion. I arose at 6AM this morning from my house in Rockaway, drowned myself in a pot of coffee, threw on shorts, a tech shirt, a Nike half zip top and a pair of NB Fresh Foams and drove to Summit with Boulder (My Australian Shepard dog) to meet co-worker Chris Croff for an easy 11 mile run. After a brief road warm up (1.5 miles) we hit the trailhead, unlocked the dog from the grips of his leash and ran 8 minute mile pace in the reservation. The melting snow has left the ground muddy yet spongy. It was exactly what my body craved since the snow started falling late this fall. Boulder certainly loved it too as he was finally off the roads and off the leash able to do what dogs and I do best. Run!

“So, What is the point?”


The New Balance Fresh Foam is a surprisingly great trail shoe! It adds a little extra softness to the trails making it great for a recovery day. It does lack some traction so I would advice caution on wet or tight turns in the trails however the under the foot feel is the (and dare I say) best I have experienced. I recommend this shoe as a must in your shoe rotation. Use on slow, short or recover run days.

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