Saturday HS Group Run Recap

This morning the Summit Running Company hosted a High School Group run with athletes from Summit HS and Kent Place.  Amazingly, over 30 high schoolers got out of bed bright and early on a Saturday morning during their spring break to join us for a run.  The fact that so many young runners showed up under these circumstances says a lot, it shows their dedication, their motivation, and their willingness to make sacrifices.  But mainly it shows how awesome we are (and that fresh fruit is a great motivator.)

 group run

group run 3



watermelon 2

The run itself was a big success.  All the runners got to explore the best local running spot, the Watchung Reservation, some for the very first time.  It was a beautiful morning and getting off the roads and onto the trails was very enjoyable.  Two of my colleagues from the store and I ran with the big dogs from the Summit team.  (I don’t mean literal big dogs, just some kinda fast high schoolers.)  The run brought back memories of my own high school days running in the Watchung Reservation; the playful banter, unecessary surges, and strategic puddle splashing turned back the clock to 2007.  Most importantly complaints about the length of the run (80 minutes) were minimal (it’s not until you run in college that you realize 80 minutes is not a long run) and there was no mention of being bit by BEES!!!!!!!



The Summit Running Company is going to continue hosting High School Group runs intermitently throughout the rest of the school year (next one is tenatively scheduled for May 3rd) and we are hoping to host weekly high school group runs throughout the summer.  (Probably on a tuesday or wednesday night)  We encourage all local high school harriers to attend these group runs as they are a great way to get in the miles and befriend some of your competitors.  Pay attention to our blog and facebook page and follow us on instagram and twitter for announcements regarding these group runs.  Next time we hope to see you there.

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