Yoga Pose of The Day: The Warrior

Yoga Pose of the Day – Turning the Hips!


  Warrior 1 – Virabhadrasana = a Warrior from Indian mythology

A vigorous pose which strengthens the legs, hip, back and arms

This pose should not be done by those with heart problems or high blood pressure

1.       Stand in Mountain Pose (Tadasana). Inhale and jump your feet as wide as your hands ~ 4-4 ½ ft. and lift your arms in line with your shoulders. Turn the palms up facing the ceiling and lift your arms up, arms parallel to each other. Lift the chest and the side ribs up, and join the palms with the fingers stretching up.

2.       Turn the Left foot IN 45-60 degrees, the Right Foot OUT 90 degrees and turn the trunk to the right so the chest faces the same direction as the right leg. Turn the hip, the back of the leg and the foot. Line up the feet.

3.       Keep both sides of the body parallel and take the Right Hip back slightly. Keep the navel, sternum, and nose centered and facing ahead, and look up. Tone the waist back. Extend the trunk and arms up vertically.

4.       Exhale, keep the Left leg firm, and bend the Right leg to a right angle, shin perpendicular and the thigh parallel to the ground. Keep the Knee facing directly forward, in line with the ankle. Move the sacrum and tailbone in. In the bend, maintain the turn of the trunk and lift the hips. Extend the whole trunk up. Lift the chest, move the head back. Do not strain the throat or the back of the neck.

5.       Stay 20-30 seconds, breathing evenly.

6.       Inhale, straighten the right knee and come up. Turn to Center, and lower the arms. Repeat on the Left side.

7.       Exhale, jump the legs together and lower the arms.

8.       Rest in forward bend (Uttanasana I) for a few minutes.


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