Summit Downtown: Five by Five!

BINGO! Join the fun through Nov. 8th!

You have from October 14 through November 8 to complete your card.  Yes,  as in BINGO card!  All you have to do is visit and purchase an item at 5 different stores on one street or at one store on each of our shopping streets – Beechwood Road, Maple Street, Springfield Avenue, Union Place and Summit Avenue.


  •  Pick up a card at a participating business (identified by game poster in window).
  • Play vertically, horizontally or diagonally to earn 5 stickers in a row.
  • Visit 5 businesses on one street OR one business on each of the 5 streets named on the card – Beechwood Road, Maple Street, Springfield Avenue, Union Place and/or Summit Avenue.
  • Purchase your first item and earn “S” sticker which will be placed in the appropriate street space by the sales person.
  • When you have made your last purchase, leave your card at the business where you earned your last sticker making sure to put your name, address, emails and phone# on it.
  • Winners will be drawn on Friday, November 15 and will be notified through phone or email.

Ten WINNERS will be drawn and each will win a $50 Summit Gift

Click here for complete rules 


Event courtesy of Summit Downtown

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