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The Summit Running Company arrived at Tatlock Track bright and early on Saturday morning.  At the same time a bustle of buses dropped off athletes to compete in their first relay meet of the Outdoor Track Season.  While the Summit Running Company set up their display table and unloaded apparel from the van, the athletes settled into the bleachers and began preparing for competition.  And then everything changed… for the Wheel of Doom was dragged out from the depths and a dark veil descended over the track.  Athletes flocked to the wheel, hoping to pass the time before their event and gain free stuff in the process.  There was the prospect of Saucony sunglasses, Brooks Frisbees, and Nike Hats.  Yet in spinning the wheel the athletes risked winning the dreaded GU Brew.  Oh the Horror…

 gu brew

“What the Heck is this dingus talking about,” exclaims an imaginary reader.  “I came here to read about track and field, not about GU Brew and the Wheel of Doom!”  I have to keep my readers happy, so enough about the wheel of doom, let’s talk track. 

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The fight for the Girls team title was a tight affair, with Millburn eventually edging out Mendham 58-50.  The ladies from Millburn dominated the field events, scoring 36 of their 58 points off the track.  The lady millers picked up wins in the Pole Vault and Discus relays and in the DMR and SMR.  Due to their dominance in the field events,  a casual observer might have thought Mendham was running (haha) away with the meet, as the girls from West-Morris scored points in the 3×400 Hurdles, 4×100, DMR, Shuttle Hurdles, 4×800, and 4×400.  But Mendham only scored 8 points in the field events (42 on the track) and their valiant effort on the track came up just short. 

Thoughts and Observations

Performances in Early April don’t always translate into success in May and June, but many of the local schools showed they have the tools to be successful on the County and State level.  Westfield HS scored the most points of any Union County School in the meet and picked up the win in the 4×100.  Running the 4×100 early and often is crucial to get the tricky baton hand offs down.  Look for Westfield to improve on their 4×100 time as the team chemistry of the relay team improves with practice.  Cranford and Scotch Plains showed their prowess in the hurdle events, as Cranford won the 3×400 Intermediate Hurdles and Scotch Plains claimed victory in the Shuttle Hurdle Relay.  Kent Place continued their strong run of performances in distance events, winning the battle for Summit 4x 800 supremacy by 5 seconds.  5 Union County Schools (Scotch Plains, Summit, Cranford, Kent Place, and Governor Livingston) were separated by less than 10 points.  If that doesn’t get you excited for County Relays, I don’t know what will.

3 Teams (Mendham, Westfield, and Kent Place) ran under the Penn Relays Qualifying mark of 4:20 in the 4×400.  Three other teams were within two seconds of the qualifier.  Kent Place also hit the small school qualifying standard in the 4×800, running 9:46.  Rumor has it that the ladies from Kent Place ran the fastest 4×800 in the state yesterday…  Way to go Dragons!!!!


The Randolph boys started the meet off right when they picked up 10 points in the opening event, the 3×400 intermediate hurdles.  Randolph took the lead early and never let go.  They put in a solid all-around performance, adding wins in the SMR, Shuttle Hurdles, and Triple Jump Relay.  Randolph scored in every running event except the 4×800, and added points in every field events other than the Shot Put and Pole Vault. 

County Rivals Morris Hills did their best to compete with Randolph, but they could not match the rams depth.  Morris Hills picked up wins in the 4×800 and the Javelin and added second place finishes in the High Jump and Pole Vault.  Like the Millburn girls, the Morris Hills boys scored most of their points off the track.  (32 in field events, 20 in running events)  However unlike Millburn, Morris Hills was competing against a complete team in Randolph who was able to almost match their strength in the field events and outscore them on the track.  (Randolph scored 22 points in field events and 48 on the track.) 

Thoughts and Observations

For the most part, Union County schools struggled to compete with the big teams from Morris County. 
Westfield came in second in the DMR, but only scored twelve points in all the other events combined.  Similarly, Governor Livingston finished second in the SMR, and scored eleven points elsewhere.  Cranford competed well in the field events, but only earned two points on the track.  Summits best event was the 4×800 where they came in 3rd

Scotch Plains was the one Union County School who was able to compete with Randolph and Morris Hills.  The Scotch Plains boys won the 4×100 and finished second in all three throws relays.  Scotch Plains was led by Sophomore Rashan Gary who threw 51′ 6” in the shot and 152′ 3″ in the discus, both marks were the best in the meet.  Scotch Plains depth in the throws, sprints, and hurdles should allow them to compete well come county relays. 

5 teams (Mendham, Randolph, Scotch Plains, Montville, and West Essex) hit the qualifying time for the Penn Relays 4×400.  No teams hit the mark in the DMR or 4×800, but they have until April 13th to register a qualifying time.

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