The Manis Loop

Looking for a solid 16 mile run in Summit?  Look no further than the Manis Loop.  Named after legendary Westfield employee and XC God Mike Anis, this loop has everything you need for a good long run.  Starting from the Summit Running Company the loop takes you out of Downtown Summit into quiet suburban streets.  While the rest of the town sleeps, you cruise down the nice broad shoulders of kent place blvd and climb up and over the passaic river on the Mt Vernon Bridge.  Taking a left at the end of the road you begin running away from the bustle of the suburbs and out into the country.  The Passaic River meanders alongside you as all your cares start to fade away.  Turning away from the river, you enter the town of long hill and begin the long climb up the long hill of long hill.  With quads burning and lungs aching, you reach the summit and looking to your left you admire the stunning views of the valley below.  A right turn brings you to the quaint village of Meyersville.  The Great Swamp beckons, urging you to enlong your run, but it is not the time for that, not yet.  You stay on Meyersville rd, passing farms, stables and antique shops.  The familiar sights of our modern age slowly return asu find yourself running through the borough of chatham.  Looking to the right, downtown Summit looms in the distance, and this sight encourages you to make one final push up Morris Ave and back to the store. 


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