Yoga Pose of the Day

Yoga Pose of the Day From Gaye McVeigh

Looking for new exercises to add to your daily training regimen?  Look no further than Yoga.

If you compare popular running stretches to Yoga, there are many similarities. Yoga poses are generally held longer, giving you a deeper stretch.  Sequencing poses that focus on specific areas of the body can really make an impact on improving flexibility and blood flow, both of which can help with injury prevention. 

Utkatasana: UTKATA = Powerful, mighty Pose

 Utkatasana Chair Pose

The heels and arms extend in opposite directions while the hips move down as if to sitting.

1.       Stand in Mountain Pose (Tadasana). Inhale, stretch your arms forward and up, arms parallel, or bring the palms together if you can.

2.       Press the heels down and lift the arms and upper torso up.

3.       Exhale and bend the legs to about 60 degrees. Bend the ankles, knees and hips.

4.       Keep the back body firm and stretch it up. Move the back ribs up and the shoulder blades deep in. Lift the abdomen, lift the sides of the ribs and the rib cage, and stretch the armpits. Draw in the waist, the top of the trunk, and the arms back. Keep the elbows straight. Look ahead.

5.       Stay 20-30 seconds, breathing evenly.

6.       On and exhalation, straighten the legs and lower your arms.


Check in Next Week For More Yoga Poses and Tips 

-Summit Running Company’s Yoga Expert, Gaye McVeigh

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