To the Newbie Runner

To The Newbie Runner,

Many times in the world of running and running blogs, it is easy for many of us to get caught up in the complexities of running.  We talk marathon training, review the latest and greatest gear for long and short runs, and mention a litany of “runner lingo” that may make no sense at all.

The truth is that this is only reaching a segment of the running population; in fact there is a large population of runners out there who are new to the sport, just attempting to get their feet wet.  Maybe that is you.  Maybe you have never run more than a mile (minus that one time in high school) or maybe you are training for your first 5k.  In our stores, we have tons of newbies come in all the time, excited, scared, and/or nervous for the new adventure they are about to embark on.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed, unsure of oneself, and scared.  It is all to simple to compare yourself to other runners who mention “super speedy” times and talk the foreign language of run.    That is in no way what we want for our new runners.  Here at the New Jersey Running Company, we welcome you with open arms.  We are excited for you to start out on this  journey, explore the unknown, and realize the many benefits that one gains from running.

Now, we will tell you a secret.  As you look at some runners in awe of their speed and ability to run what seems like an endless amount of miles upon miles.   We are no different and no better than you.   Once upon a time, we just started running as well.  We did not know whether we should wear this shoe or that and generally picked them based on the coloring; we could hardly make it around the block, let alone a mile or two; and we were also scared.

So many colors, so hard to choose

So many colors, so many choices

We do not want you to be scared.  We are thrilled to have you and cannot wait to run with you.  We look forward to trading tales and tips of running adventures with you and are happy to help in anyway possible.  Sometimes it is easy for us runners who have been running for a while to get caught up in the complexities of running.  But that is not fair to you.   We want to ensure that your experience is enjoyable and memorable, and here at the New Jersey Running Company we are committed to doing so.

Through our group runs, staff members,  events, and blogs, we hope to come on this adventure with you; to help you and to share in the joys of the running world.  Please feel free to ask questions on the blog, Twitter, Facebook, or in stores about anything and everything running.  Come to store runs, there are a multitude of runners that do and all paces are welcome.  Do not fret if you feel you are “too slow.”  There is no such thing, there is room for all runners at group runs regardless of how much speed or distance you want to put in.

Come Run With Us!

Come Run With Us!

We welcome you, we encourage you to come visit us, and we are so excited for you.  Congratulations on making a decision that will positively impact your life from this moment forward.

What questions do you have? How can we help you?

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