Cross Train with Pilates!

With a new snowstorm every week, it is hard to stay motivated to keep your fitness up. Pilates is an easy solution to break up the winter monotony.

Pilates is a system of stretching and strengthening exercises. The goal is to focus on controlling your muscles to keep your body balanced. Exercises concentrate on strengthening the core, while emphasizing proper breathing. Focus, concentration, and persistence is paramount in this low impact cross-training alternative. Pilates provides many benefits to runners: reducing stress, strengthening muscles, joint mobility, and preventing muscle imbalances. Through its strong emphasis on balance, mobility, breathing, and core strength, Pilates is something to incorporate into every runners cross training routine!

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Try something new and beneficial for your body, on Sunday, March 2nd at 9:45 am in our store! Emily from Moxie Pilates and Yoga will be doing a fun filled, lively Pilates class, along with sharing her background of the practice! She will be giving 10% off classes for those who sign up! We hope to see you there!

Who: Emily from Moxie Pilates

What: Winter Pilates class. Focuses on body alignment, core strength & basic introduction to Pilates cross-training.

When: March 2nd, 9:30 – 11:00 a.m.

Where: 123 Quimby Street! Westfield Running Company!

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