Hidden Gems: Neighborhood Gravel Tracks Part II

Roosevelt School track and Clark Memorial Park

Located 7/10 miles from our store, the Roosevelt Athletic Fields are surrounded by a gravel path. It has an odd shape to it, but it is 1/3 of a mile around. In my book anything that is more than a 1/4 mile long is a treasure! If you’re looking to run a hard effort here, I would suggest a “fartlek” run. (alternating between a fast pace and slow pace for set period of time) The cool thing about this track is that it is right next to Clark Memorial Park, where you can run on grass all the way around the block and back to the track.  I’ve spent as much as 45minutes alternating between laps on the track and a lap around the block.

We will frequently run here during our Thursday evening group runs in warmer months.  This area is large enough that it doesn’t feel monotonous in going around many times.  Fair warning, the grass isn’t completely level, so run it in the daylight, and enjoy the added challenge of adjusting pace and working to strengthen the muscles of the foot!  The track itself is very level, and recently recieved some maintenance on a corner that tends to get puddly after rain.  One corner of the track gets covered by leaves around this time of year, so a headlamp helps a lot! You can do 99% of your run on gravel and grass here!

Get that Gravel!
Mike A

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