First Impressions: Mizuno Wave Inspire 10

inspire 10 action inspire 10 again wave inspire 10 stevie

When we get a new shoe in the store, we get all nerdy and immediately take them out of the box, try them on, get on the treadmill and crank it up to race pace! We work in a running shop, this is normal behavior, trust me.

Yup, there are two different pairs of legs here.  My lovely assistant Stephen and I worked on this one together. Neither of us are master photographer’s, can you tell? So, If you missed it, the Mizuno Wave Inspire has updated to it’s 10th version.

Stephen’s first impression: “Firm support. I like the snug fit in the midfoot and the De Stijl inspired print on the upper. I like the Badge being removed from the top of the tongue, it feels softer now.”

Mike’s first impression: “My arch feels well supported by the wave plate.  The heel collar feels like a better fit than in previous versions.  The shoe feels lighter and more flexible in the forefoot as well. Pretty nice!”

What has changed?  The shoe is wider through the midfoot and thus inherently more stable.  Underlays(instead of overlays), reduces possible rubbing from seams.  The lateral edge of the forefoot is beveled for a smoother transition from the outside of the foot to the inside. The toe spring that Mizuno’s shoes formerly had has been relaxed to a more level plane. This allows the toebox to feel roomier. Possibly the biggest overhaul in this shoe: the replacement of AP+ with U4ic(euphoric).  U4ic is a new foam that is 30% lighter than AP+. You should see the same durability from this new foam, rest assured Mizuno fans!

Come check em’ out!
Mike A


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