Nearby Running Trails: Chimney Rock Park


Five marked trails, and a section of unmarked trails, explore them all!

Some runners are nervous about “rolling their ankle” on trails, but not this guy!  I’ve rolled my ankles on a precariously positioned rock on a residential street more times than I can remember. A random rock that got into the middle of the street often awaits me as I have my eyes on the car that is about to run a stop sign.  So, I say hit the trails!

buttermilk falls chimney rock

Buttermilk Falls, don’t be fooled by the human constructs surrounding it, these are still really cool to see! Trust me, go check it out!

Chimney Rock Park in Bridgewater (or Washington Valley Park as it has been referred to on some maps) is about a 20-25min drive West on Rt 22 from Westfield.  The variety of technical and non-technical trail makes this place a great spot for a challenging “fartek-style” run. There are flats and there are steep incline/declines as well.  If you access the park via Chimney Rock Road, you will pass by the Chimney Rock Inn.  A place I have been known to grab a burger and a beer. What could be better? Trails? Burgers? Beers?…hard to beat. Recently, I racked up a 70min run there without even touching the steeper sections.

Coincidentally, a friend of mine and members of RVRR, put on a 5 mile race there in March, the Chimney Rock 5 miler. Go check it out, bring a friend, take some pictures, and come tell us about it in the store afterwards too!

Happy Trails,
Mike A




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  1. Monica says

    Hey! I’m a new runner! Looking for a home :-). Completed my first 10k a few weeks ago. Such a feeling of accomplishment! Would love some (patient) running friends!!!

  2. Westfield says

    Hey Monica!

    We host group runs Thursdays at 7PM & Saturday at 8:30AM. Conversational paces & all abilities welcome. Look forward to seeing you there!

    Welcome Home,
    Westfield :-)

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