New Shoe: The Brooks Transcend

The Brooks Transcend. Fancy!

The Brooks Transcend. Yup, this is the color we have for men in Westfield.

Feetures Ideal Pressure Zones that disperse impact to the Guide Rails that provide on-demand support. Super DNA cushioning is 25% more effective than Biomogo DNA,

The folks at Brooks are saying “Transcend’s thoughtful design will blow your mind. Head reassembly not included.”

I don’t recall the last time I was warned about my mind being blown by a shoe. But I can promise you that you can’t buy them today. Huh, what? Not today? Wait, I say? Correct, this shoe is taking things to a whole new level. It’s like when the tooth fairy comes, she will get there when your teeth fall out. I mean, you don’t have to wait until your teeth fall out to try these shoes, just the day after tomorrow. See, now it’s not so bad?

If you were all about the Trance, you’re going to like these more. Believe it.

Happy Running,
Mike A

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