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Bring your spikes, it's going to be slippery today.

Bring your spikes, it’s going to be slippery today. Guy in the red hat is Mike.

Ok, it’s not new. Fooled you! Shoveling can be rough on the back. However, like a lot of other physical labor or exercise; if done with good form, you can get a good workout from it.  This is the Highland Park HS track where the Garden State Track Club gathers for many of their workouts.  A foot of snow isn’t going to derail their training. This is why group training is awesome! 6-10 people can clear a couple lanes in an hour or so. I was out there today for nearly 90minutes (having arrived earlier than some others). I found this zero-impact exercise a great subsitute for running today. My heart rate was up a bit, and I broke a sweat underneath 3 layers of clothing while it was 5 degrees F.

Tomorrow, I will gladly take advantage of the work we put in today. Next time it snows, try it, just think, it was a day away from impacting your joints that you didn’t know you would get! Maybe see if you can do 10 snow angels in a minute too! Really, it’s ok to not run some days.

Enjoy the snow,
Mike A

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