Nike Lunareclipse 4

Lunareclipse 4  Ladies on top, Mens below.

Lunareclipse 4 Ladies Size 9 on Wayne’s feet, Mens size 12 on Mike’s.

What do we think of the Lunareclipse 4?
Mike: “Surprisingly supportive through the midfoot. the Midsole seems to actually rise against my foot just forward of my heel bone(which I like), the forefoot cushioning is also very comfortable. The outsole is designed with a mapping process based on statistics of where runners produce the most pressure on the shoe. They lace up nicely and hold my narrow heel in place well.

Wayne: “Firmly supportive in the midsole, and yet nice torisonal balance with the lunarlon foam cushioning between the foot and the rest of the dynamic support material. ”

All in all, I think this is a nice hair splitter, extra support and cushion while being a bit lighter than competitor’s high stability shoes. Cool…

Happy Running,
Mike A


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