Nike Lunarglide +5: Test Run feedback

note the 4 pieces of outsole under the forefoot, 3rd one down, that's the good one!

note the 4 pieces of outsole under the forefoot, 3rd one down, that’s the good one! Well, they’re all good, but it’s the 3rd one that I feel and love. Mike approved.

lunarglide 5 2nd view

Aaand a view for asthetic. oooh aaah.

I’m not going to regurgitate stats from the Nike catalog.  I’ll remind you- I work in a running store. We try e-ver-y-thing.  Sometimes we feel that a shoe just needs to be run on.  I’ve felt plenty of shoes that seem a touch too mushy for the later part of a long run. My particular foot ailments (among them metatarsal pain) led me to enjoy the step-in feel of the Nike Lunarglide +5 most notably for one feature, Lunarlon.

Nike takes pride introducing innovative features & designs to the running community- their soft, resilient yet supportive foam speaks to that. Under the forefoot, you can feel the ridge of outsole underneath the lunarlon foam.  Lunarlon definitely feels like one of the lighter foams on the market for midsole cushioning.

I am not easily impressed with many running shoes. In the case of the Lunar shoes, I didn’t think much of lunarglide 1-4.  But while walking around the store in a pair I kept thinking, “These feel good under the ball of my foot, these feel like they have some pop, these are light”.  Despite feeling light, the dynamic support within the midsole and outsole keeps them feeling firm enough to be in my training shoe arsenal – a prized accolade few achieve.

Well, I had a 20miler on calendar this past Sunday.  Did I test them for 2-3miles on a treadmill first (?!) …no, I did not. I put the Lunarglides on my feet Sunday afternoon, did a 9.7 mile loop from my apt — no problems– I gulped some water and a clif shot and pushed on to do another 11.2. No blisters, no troubles. Just comfy foot falls the whole way.

Sometimes you know when it just feels right, you gotta roll with it. Come and try a pair!

Happy Running,
Mike A

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