Nike Zoom Pegasus 31

Pegasus 31! Mens' on the left, Womens' on the right!

Pegasus 31! Mens’ on the left, Womens’ on the right!

Where would Nike Running be without the Pegasus? The Pegasus has been around since 1983! Rotary dial phones, Reaganomics, Carburetors, lack of internet, arena rock. Some good things, some bad things.  But Nike gave us the Pegasus, and the 80’s were saved! I can’t explain the 90’s…but at least we got the internet, finally!

So, the Pegasus 31, mens’ weigh in at 9.7 oz(sz 9) and the wmns’ are 8.6oz(sz 8).  With this update came a lowering of the heel-to-toe offset down to 10mm from the previous 12mm.  This should give a smoother transition from heel to toe and arguably help prevent forefoot cushioning from breaking down as quickly.  Nike also redesigned the lateral outsole rubber to guide the foot along a smooth line. Finally, the upper is a  more breathable in the midfoot than in the previous model.

Come check it out!

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