PRODUCT REVIEW: 2XU Xform Compression Tights

2XU Xform Compression Tights are a Compression based Running tight.

I like the high level of support that the weave of the fabric provides for my hamstrings, gluts, quadraceps, and calves. Compared to CW-x compression tights, I find the overall material to be more compressive, and they seem to stay in place better as well (that’s just me, everyone’s body is shaped differently).  The insulation that they provide is ample for runs down to the freezing point.    I would use these in a marathon where the temperature was slated to be at 35 or below, or on a long training run or workout in similar temps. However, I have used the on a few 8-10mile runs where the temps were in the upper 40’s and didn’t feel too warm in them.

The Benefits of these tights would include, reduced muscle fatigue and damage during exercise. The graduated compression will also help to improve circulation, which can help speed recovery.

I found the sizing chart to be slighlty off. According to the height/weight reccommendations, I would take a small, but I am absolutely comfortable in a medium. So please try them on in our store!

These retail for $99.95

2xu xform tights.

2xu xform tights.

review by Mike A

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