PRODUCT REVIEW: Pearl Izumi EM Road N2

The Pearl Izumi EM Road N2 is Neutral Lightweight Running Shoe.

I like the spacious toe box, the seamless upper, and the responsiveness of the midsole and softness of the insole. Also, the laces stay tied rather well, something that often seems like a toss up among all running shoes.

Two great features that give this shoe a unique feel are:

  • 1:1 Energy Foam cushions forefoot upon impact and returns energy back to the runner
  • 1:1 Shock Absorption Foam in heel absorbs and diffuses forces upon initial ground contact

Truely, I am surprised at the durability that this shoe has provided, normally by 275 miles, I start to feel pressure under my 2nd and 5th metatarsal bones in my rebellious left foot. (Hey, didn’t they make a movie about that?) Just kidding, moving along!

This shoe reminds me of the Brooks Launch (one of my all-time favorites). I use the EM Road N2 for runs ranging from easy recovery runs to Long runs and Tempo paced workouts, I have gone up to 20miles in this shoe in a single run. Of all the running shoes I currently own, this one seems to be the most responsive. It gives me the feeling that I’m hitting the paces I want without having to push through an overly soft midsole. The E-motion design keeps the foot rolling smoothly from heel strike through toe-off. The entire time my foot is in contact with the ground, I feel balanced and supported.

Other key features:

  • Blown rubber in the forefoot and carbon rubber in the crash pad combine for great cushioning and abrasion resistance
  • Dynamic Offset: 4mm at initial contact to 7.5mm at mid-stance
  • Weight-Size 9: 9.1 oz / 258g

They retail for $120.

Review by Mike Anis


After 275 miles, we see only a moderate amount of wear on the lateral side of the outsole where my forefoot makes initial contact with the ground. I think I’ll see another 125-225miles from these shoes before I retire them.

Comparing new vs worn. As you can tell, I get into some dusty, muddy places with my running shoes.

Comparing new vs worn. As you can tell, I get into some dusty, muddy places with my running shoes.

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