Traveling and Running: One leads to the other

The Regents Canal in London, UK.

The Regents Canal in London, UK.

Between Christmas and the New Year I was fortunate enough to visit a friend in London (where he works and lives). Among a variety of parks we did several runs along the Regent’s Canal.  Yea, I know, “where’s Mike and said friend?” OK- I never promised to be a good photographer but I swear he was there! This was an interesting path to run along, it was narrow and had a lot of meandering turns…and tourists. The nearby Camden Town market was an interesting spectacle to run through- sights, sounds and smells. It’s the best way to explore new surroundings by my standards.

Try it. Book a trip, with no intentions of doing anything, aside from running. The rest will figure itself out.

So, that’s where I went to run on New Yr’s day. How about you?

Let us know,
Mike A

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