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Winter Racing: Indoor Marathon or 5k, maybe both?

Winter Marathons, yea, they're out there!

Most people would prefer to run in favorable conditions. Especially if they are racing all out.  However, there are some interesting winter events throughout our country, and don’t forget about CANADA!  The Thunderwolves Indoor Marathon in Thunder Bay, Ontario could be the most laps you will ever run in one day(211 times around a 200m […]

Winter racing: hit the track

A 200m indoor track. Find a meet and race on one of these bad boys!

Staying motivated once the winter rolls around is difficult.  Biologically, it is natural to feel sluggish with less daylight and colder temperatures.  So what can keep your head in the game? The answer is winter racing! I have found that if I plug 3-4 indoor track meets onto my calendar, I will be sure to […]

Westfield 5 Mile Turkey Trot 11/30: Course Preview 11/23 and Race Info


Join us on Saturday , November 23rd – Westfield 5 Mile Turkey Trot course preview!   Saturday, November 23rd we will be hosting a 5 mile Turkey Trot course preview. Meeting at the starting line in Tamaques Park  at 9 a.m. we will head out in various pace groups to complete the certified 5 mile […]

North Jersey Half Marathon – Discount Code included!

North Jersey Half Marathon – Discount Code included!

Who else has race fever lately?  I have total race fever.  I can’t help it.  It is the fall, it is beautiful out and my Twitter feed is full of race after race after race.  Unfortunately,  I am a little late to the party, which means races are full, they just don’t work for me […]