Winter racing: hit the track

A 200m indoor track. Find a meet and race on one of these bad boys!

A 200m indoor track. Find a meet and race on one of these bad boys!

Staying motivated once the winter rolls around is difficult.  Biologically, it is natural to feel sluggish with less daylight and colder temperatures.  So what can keep your head in the game? The answer is winter racing! I have found that if I plug 3-4 indoor track meets onto my calendar, I will be sure to get my butt out the door to train even when the conditions are bitter.  I like to cycle back down to shorter events (800m, 1mile, 3000m, 5000m) when there are no decent(and where I don’t have to travel) road races again until March.
Even if you are not a competitive runner, I would reccommend trying it out! 

  There are a series of indoor track meets on Thursday nights at the 168th St Armory Track in New York City.  “Thursday Night at the Races” is hosted by NYRR’s ( for more info).  The contested events range from 800m-5000m.  There is also a 10 person, 10,000m relay, this is in fact one of the most fun relays I have run in all my years of competitive running!  Also, the USATF-NJ hosts an indoor track and field championship.  Check for the event info on this and a calendar of other indoor track meets.

If all else fails, band together with other local runner of CJRRC or RVRR for an low key, informal meet.  Nothing official, so you have no need for officials, no need for police, no entry fees, keep it local, keep it fun! 

Warm up well before you drop the hammer,
Mike A


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