Winter Racing: Indoor Marathon or 5k, maybe both?

Winter Marathons, yea, they're out there!

Most people would prefer to run in favorable conditions. Especially if they are racing all out.  However, there are some interesting winter events throughout our country, and don’t forget about CANADA!  The Thunderwolves Indoor Marathon in Thunder Bay, Ontario could be the most laps you will ever run in one day(211 times around a 200m track)!   Nevermind that only 7 people ran it in 2013, you never know what might happen this yr! A running club might catch wind of it, decide to make the trip, and balloon the particpation up to 12, or even 20! It is intriguing to me at least.  There is a marathon in February in Central Park, NYC (NOT a NYRR race! This one is hosted by nycruns. That’s right, NYRR is not the only show in town!

More locally are a variety of race distances in the Watchung reservation, hosted by NJtrailseries.  And of course, you could travel south for warmer temperatures too, but why miss the thrill of the northern chill?
Anyway you look at it, there are options for winter racing. So make a plan with some friends, try something new or different!

Keep the motor runnin’,

Mike A

Winter Marathons, yea, they’re out there!

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