A local route to run some hills

Looking for a good challenge without leaving town? Here it is!

Looking for a good challenge without leaving town? Here it is!

YES! Now you’re running outside again! Great! I talked about hill training in my last post about treadmill running. Westfield has hills, if you don’t live on the Northside of Westfield, now is your chance to go and check it out! I have stitched these roads into some of my runs throughout the years. Even for just a 5miler, it keeps things interesting.

Starting from the shop you we would head toward Central Ave, right onto Broad and left onto Mt. Ave. Veer left onto Lawrence Ave and run uphill until you are at the top, look for Hiawatha Dr, turn right, now go left onto Orenda Cir and follow it all the way around to Roanoke Rd. (WARNING: Roanake Rd is a steep road), Roanoke interesects with Lawrence Ave. Turn right back onto Lawrence and coast down hill until you see Barchester Way, turn left. Continue straight uphill on Barchester until you see Oak Tree Pass, turn right, this connects to Prospect Ave. Now turn left and You will run downhill on Prospect Avenue back into the center of downtown.
I mapped this to have you crossing E Broad St and running back to North Ave where you would turn left and then back onto Elm St and right onto Quimby St. However, if you know your way from E Broad St, I always recommend taking the path of least resistance with automobile traffic and cross all intersections safely where you have the right of way and are sure that you are visible to motorists.

I like this route for its hills, but also for the scenery of some very nice old houses on Lawrence Avenue. Give it a shot, let us know how it goes! For an added challenge try, going around Orenda and Roanoke 1 or 2 extra times before continuing back onto Lawrence Ave!

Happy Running,
Mike A

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