Hidden Gems: neighborhood trails part 3

Aerial view of Tamaques Park

Tamaques Park

I will rate this the best place to run in Westfield, Tamaques Park! It features 1328m (.82mi) of gravel that rings the athletic fields.  Also, the wooded area to the east of the fields has a trail through it, named the Prefontaine Trail.  So, you’ve got a couple nice options in one place for non-pavement running! How do I know it is 1328m? Oral tradition! My college teammate’s High School Coach told him so!  Don’t believe it? Go and find out, take your gps running watch if you’ve got one!  Either way you’ll get out for a run on a soft surface, and you’re sure to find many other runners there any weekend morning!
Tamaques Park is where the start and finish area for both the Westfield Turkey Trot 5 miler(which took place this morning), and the CJRRC Hangover Run 5k. I’ve had some memorable race experiences there over the years.  While the races stay on the road ashpalt, I have done long interval workouts there throughout the years, a favorite odd-distance, the “Tamaques 1-lapper”!

Get that Gravel,
Mike A

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