Shoe Review: Brooks Ravenna 5

We all know that Red is a fast color! You simply must have them!

We all know that Red is a fast color! You simply must have them!

Alright kids, I’ve done about 8-9 runs in this shoe thus far, roughly 85miles total.  I like the fit enough that I was sure I’d be glad to use it for any type of run except for a race. That is not to say that you couldn’t race in it, I just like racing flats for racing.  It’s still early in the life of this shoe, but as I am training for a marathon; it won’t be long.  So, when I did Yasso 800’s last week; it was in the Ravenna 5! When I did my last long run of 21miles on Monday afternoon, throughout the whole thing I felt balanced support and cushion in these lil’ guys!

Favorite features of the shoe, the grip it has around my heel, the secure fit through the midfoot, and the noticeable feel of the Biomogo DNA cushioning under my forefoot. At 10.3 oz, this is what I remember as a “lightweight” trainer from 5yrs ago, but still with more cushion and support! Running just gets better all the time, right?

Looking at this shoe compared to its predecessors: I didn’t like version 2, 3, or 4 at all. My foot and those models were not agreeable parties. Strangely, I liked the feel of the first one.  So, here we are 4 yrs later and I’m loving the 5th version. Brooks, as always, finds a way to innovate. I’m looking forward to seeing how many miles I’ll get out of this shoe!

Happy Running,
Mike A

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