Do You Gu?

Gu, a performance nutrition company, is most popularized for the advent of energy gel.  These tasty on-the-go packets provide a runner with simple carbohydrates and electrolytes to fuel long runs.  Taken every 45 minutes along the way Gu’s gel can truly help you from totally depleting your energy during a workout.

While the gels are very widely known Gu provides a variety of products.  If you prefer an edible snack along the way or a pick me up before a race try Gu Chomps.  A chewable treat, Chomps are the consistency of gummy candies but give you the needed energy without loads of refined sugar.  For some runners, Chomps and gels are too heavy.  If this is the case try out Gu Brew!  This is a delicious powdered drink mix that provides a great carbohydrate blend in addition to sodium and potassium.

No matter your desired delivery method, Gu has something for you.  Fuel the fire to master the miles with one of these options!

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