Honey Stinger: Natural Fuel

Whether it’s fueling during a long run or topping off the tank before a race the right choice in nutrition can make or break your run.  Honey Stinger offers a USDA Organic option for bars and chews.  Sweetened with honey, these products have fewer processed ingredients and a much lower sugar content.  A lower refined ingredient content also means these options are more easily digestible.  This means energy in your system faster and potentially fewer emergency stops along the way!

The chews have a wonderful sweetness to them and are softer than most other energy gummies.  For a bit more substance grab a waffle.  This delicious and easily portable treat packs a nutritious punch and can stave off hunger before or during a run.  Both options come in a variety of flavors.  If you are working on a fueling plan, try out this organic option next time!

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