Workout Wednesday: Hill Repeats

Don’t let a hill stand in the way of your next PR.  The workout below is designed to help you get up and over the hills in any course.

10 minute warmup; 6×300 meter hill; 10 minute cool down

Start with a warm-up run of at least 10 minutes before tackling the incline.  Find a steep hill that is a few hundred meters long and at least a 10% grade.  For me a 10% grade looks like it’s right between the “I can shift gears and get up that” and “maybe there is a street I can turn on and go around the bottom.”  If this is your first time doing hill repeats simply maintain pace to the top of the hill and come back down.  As you progress with this workout begin to increase the intensity.  Start to push hard up the hill, almost reaching a sprint, and recover on the way back down.  Also, begin adding more repeats or finding a harder hill.  There are few feelings that compare with mastering your fear and flying up the hills of your next race!

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