Ahh, For the Love of Running!

It’s Valentine’s Day and while we’re all doing our best to pay extra attention to the ones we love, the best thing you are doing is loving the most important person in your life — YOU. Running is good for you. . . your body, your mind, your spirit.

Keith Haring's classic running heart

Keith Haring’s classic running heart


As long as we are in the Valentine’s Day mood, we wanted to share some customer love that came our way from Kirsten, a new customer who came into our store earlier this month, right after Mitt & Ann Romney (just see her review). We love when our customers take the time to give us feedback. Kirsten was helped by one of our long-standing team members, Jerode, and she was so thrilled about the service she received (and her new shoes) that she described the whole process on Yelp.

We are also thrilled that we have a couple of lovebirds on our team. Our resident ultra-runners, Emily and Ben, are officially engaged. Their wedding is planned for later this year; it remains to be seen if their honeymoon will include an ultra. We all wish them well. . . and lots of long runs together.


Speaking of long runs, remember that we have free Group Runs on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Come join us. . . hey you might not see Mitt Romney, but you never know who you’ll meet…

We love running. We love our customers. We look forward to helping you achieve all your goals.

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