Are You Team Mack. . . or Team Nyles?

Jets or Giants. . . Mets or Yankees. . . Knicks or Nets. . .  Mack or Nyles?

Fans pick their sides and loudly proclaim their loyalties. The New York City running community is divided about who they are rooting for in the Chicago Marathon. . . Mack Exilus or Nyles Garrison, who will both be toeing the line this Sunday in the Windy City.

Mack and Nyles are two Assistant Managers at the store, known for their incredible knowledge about running shoes and training, and for their infectious personalities. They have both inspired countless runners who come to our store and have led various training groups in and around Central Park.

So, are your Team Mack? Or Team Nyles? Let us know, and be sure to send along your messages of support. Come into New York Running Company in the next few weeks to hear about the outcome and their experiences. Good luck guys. . . we’re rooting for both of you!!

Nyles Garrison (left) and Mack Excilus will be running the Chicago Marathon this Sunday

Nyles Garrison (left) and Mack Exilus will be running the Chicago Marathon this Sunday

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  1. Mike says

    I’m going with Team Nyles. . . it’s a NYRC thing and I gotta stay with my Guru. . . but I am rooting for Mack to qualify for Boston! Go get ’em guys!

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