Getting around the City — Running or Subway?

Yesterday marked the 109th anniversary of the New York City subway, which opened with one line (the IRT) on October 27, 1904. That first subway could take riders from City Hall to 145th Street in Manhattan, a distance of 9.1 miles.  Now, the subway system takes riders to four boroughs and includes 468 stations and over 660 miles of track.

While the subway is a great way to navigate the city streets, we all know a better way to get around — running! Whether it’s the loop in Central Park, or the running path along the west side, we all have our favorite running routes.

Speaking of running and the city, thanks everyone who joined us for the Brooks Adrenaline Rush 5-Borough runs!

The NYC Marathon is less than one week away. We are preparing for a busy week as runners from all over the world will descend on the city.  Come in to the New York Running Company for all your Marathon needs and to ask our experts about your last minute preparations.

And while we’re at it, here’s a NYC subway trivia question: What does IRT stand for?

The iconic New York City subway token

The iconic New York City subway token



468 stations  660 miles of track

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