Getting Cold? Generate Your Own Heat!

It’s one of the great challenges of cold-weather running: What do I wear? More specifically, “How can I run comfortably if I’m wearing bulky clothing?” 

Our friends at Brooks might have the answer. . . The Heater Hog Long-Sleeve shirt, and the Heater Hog Beanie.

Brooks has put some weird science to work here. The fabric in the Heater Hog top and beanie actually generates heat as it gets damp from you body’s sweat.  You can think of your body as its own furnace, cranking out heat as you continue to run, despite the cold conditions around you.

And it works! We enjoyed a run last night in Central Park (local temperature 32 degrees) and wore the Heater Hog top as a base layer with a half-zip top. That’s it. . . two layers. Topped off with our Heater Hog Beanies and we were running warm!

Come on in and try on the Brooks Heater Hog. . . $65 in store or on

The Brooks Heater Hog. . .heat generating top that'll help you Run Happy. .  and warm!

The Brooks Heater Hog. . .heat generating fabric that’ll help you Run Happy. . and warm!

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