Greetings from the Whitehouse family of England

The New York Running Company store in Columbus Circle is a crossroads of the running world. In addition to the many runners who stop into our store either going to or coming back from a run in nearby Central Park, we get many out-of-towners who stop by to see for themselves what people have been saying for years: that NYRC has the best selection and service of any running specialty store.

Recently the Whitehouse family from England came into the store and had the pleasure of meeting one of our Assistant Managers, Mack Exilus. Mack guided them through the fitting process and shared a secret hidden talent. . . the British way to hold a tea cup!

Soon after their return “across the pond,” the Whitehouses emailed a greeting and attached this photo.

“A big hello to Mack, who taught us all exactly how we should hold our tea-cups, pointing our “pinkies for the Queen. . .” What a guy!¬† We spent a great 20-30 minutes with you guys and will be sure to look you up again on our next visit!”

Thank you to Philip, Susan, Ben & Alice Whitehouse for visiting NYRC and for emailing your greetings and this photo. Please send your friends along. . . we hope to see you all again soon!
The Whitehouse family from England visiting NYRC

The Whitehouse family from England visiting NYRC

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