Group Run Line Up

Runners, we now have three great Group Runs each week out of our Columbus Circle store. Each run leaves at approximately 6:30pm and returns at or near 7:30pm. You can change in our store and as always, check your bags and personal items with us. Check out the choices below:


Mondays – Sexy Pace:  The legend of Sexy Pace grows each week! Join us for a fun 3-5 mile run at conversational pace. This workout is led by the lovely ladies of Isla de Corredores and is perfect for all ability levels.

Tuesdays – Fast Twitch Tuesday: Get your motor runnin’ with our resident speedster Nyles. This workout is 4-6 miles in duration and features speedwork in the form of intervals, hill repeats, a  tempo run or speed drills. This workout is for runners who are comfortable running 2-3 miles continuously and are looking to improve their speed and technique.

Wednesdays – Ladies’ Night: This one is for the girls and is led by the talented Maxine. Lace up for 2-4 miles and join in the fun.

Do you have an idea for a Group Run? Let us know at! We’ll see you out there!

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