Happy Pi Day

So maybe we’re a little geeky around the New York Running Company. Or maybe we just love pies. Either way, it’s a special day.

Pi pie

Happy Pi Day everyone!! Pi (represented by the Greek letter π) is commonly defined as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. We’re sure you remember your first geometry class… and how do you determine the area of a circle?  That’s right, π times radius squared. Circumference? Two times π times radius (2πr).

The common number used to represent Pi is 3.14. It is a number with an infinite number of digits. With the advent of supercomputers in the last 25 years, mathematicians have been able to solve Pi to 10 trillion digits! The record for memorizing digits of π, certified by Guinness World Records, is 67,890 digits, recited by Lu Chao of China on November 20, 2005 (it took him 24 hours and 4 minutes).

Pi day

Now that you’re all shuddering with thoughts about your middle school math teachers, we should stop and think about how runners use math all the time. We talk about distances, pace, splits and all kind of numbers.

Yes, it’s a big day for mathematicians, but let’s all celebrate. One of favorite sayings around here is “if you burn ’em, you earn ’em.” We’re talking calories of course, so get out there and run (3.14 miles? 3.14 times around your block?) and celebrate with a big slice of pie.

And while you’re at it, let us know what your favorite pie is (make mine lemon meringue!).




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