It Sure Doesn’t Feel Like Spring

Man, we’re not going to get a break anytime soon. After teasing us with 60 degree weather on Saturday, Mother Nature is giving it to us big time today… 21 degrees… and a chance of snow tomorrow!  Ouch.

So it’s a perfect time to remind you about the upcoming Spring session of our “Run This Town” training programs. Our Couch to 5K and Half Marathon groups will start this week (weather permitting, of course!). Come to our store for details, or click here to learn more.

Let us also remind you about our weekly running groups. Are you looking for a fun, non-competitive vibe? Then join us every Monday night at 6:30pm for Sexy Pace. Tuesday night at 6:30 we gather for Fast Twitch with Coach Nyles, who is always ready to run you through your paces with innovative workouts. And on Wednesday evening at 6:30, join Coach Maxine for our Ladies Run (guys are welcome too!).

The new, expnaded shoe wall, part of our store renovation

The new, expanded shoe wall, part of our store renovation


If you haven’t been to our store lately, come check us out as we approach the conclusion of our end-to-end renovation. Come check out the view from our new window above Columbus Circle. And, check out the amazing amount of shoes, apparel, nutrition and accessories we have on display in our redesigned store. Stay tuned for information about our Grand Re-Opening celebration.

Let us know how we can help you achieve your running goals… Leave a comment below or hit us up at

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