Item of the Week Wednesday

We’re big believers in massage here at New York Running Company and our Item of the Week is one of those indispensable tools we recommend for all runners.


The Stick is a rather simple device, basically a flexible rod with a series of hard plastic rollers. Visitors to our store will often see one of our Running Associates using The Stick to work out some knots or to prepare for a run.

Using The Stick on a regular basis will dramaatically improve your strength, flexibility and endurance. Before a run, The Stick will prepare your muscles; after a run it helps accelerate muscle recovery. The best thing about The Stick? It’s super convenient and easy to carry. Throw one in your bag and it goes anywhere.

Guy working with Stick

We carry three different models of The Stick: Sprinter, Marathon and Travel versions. Come on in and try them out… your legs will thank you!



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  1. says

    I LOVE the stick! We initially bought it to bring with us on our European vacation last summer since a foam roller would take up too much room and it has not disappointed! Love it for my calves, which I feel the foam roller just can’t get very well.

    • Columbus Circle says

      We couldn’t agree more Stephanie! Thanks for letting us know. And keep on rolling with The Stick!

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