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The story goes like this… A few years ago, there was a young lady named Katherine (Katie) O’Toole who ran track for her high school in Sheboygan, WI. As the track season progressed, she began to feel pain in her calf muscles. She stretched, she massaged, she even changed her shoes. But every time she ran, the pain persisted. “If only I had some way to relieve this pain,” she thought.

She went to the local doctor who remembered an old Army trick that he used to help his aching leg muscles during his days in the service. Reaching into his drawer, he took out a roll of adhesive tape and applied strips to Katie’s lower leg. It looked weird but it felt great. At practice later that week she ran pain free for the first time in weeks. The tape was giving support to her aching muscles. The doctor gave Katie a big roll of tape and some instruction on how to put it on the various muscles in her leg. The season progressed and she started winning race after race. The legend of Katie O’Toole — and her tape — grew.  At the end of the season she lined up at the state championship… and all eyes were on Katie and her taped calves. Her teammates started chanting — “Katie Tape… Katie Tape… Katie Tape!!!”

KT Tape was born. 

KT logo

Our Item of the Week is KT Tape. Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape is designed to give support in common problem areas, such as hamstrings, quads, calves, knees and ankles. Original KT Tape is $12.99 per roll; KT Pro Tape (which is synthetic and adheres longer) is $19.99 per roll.

KT tape blue roll

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