It’s Now or Never. . . Elvis and Training

Today is a big day in the annals of music history, the birthday of Elvis Presley. Born in Tupelo, MS in 1935, he was a cultural icon and is the all-time best-selling solo recording artist.

Elvis album cover

Though there is no evidence that Elvis was a runner, we will look to “The King” for some running inspiration on this cold January day. As Elvis would say, “It’s Now or Never” — and we remind you that you can still join our “Run This Town” Half Marathon and Couch to 5K training groups that started this week. 


It’s easier than ever to join with new online registration. Simply click the links below to enter, or visit our store to meet our coaches in person.

And for a little taste of two Elvis classics. . . stop a moment for a listen to “It’s Now or Never.” And you can’t help but “feel your temperature rising” when you watch Elvis from his classic Hawaii concert, singing “Burning Love.”

Elvis Hawaii

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