Join us For the Nike Flash Run — Thursday Trivia Challenge

The winter months are a challenge for runners. Not only is it cold, but the days are depressingly short. Wake up to run in the morning — it’s dark. Try to run after work — it’s dark. Thankfully, all of the leading running brands have incorporated bright colors and reflective technology to their shoes, apparel and accessories.

Well runners, there’s hope in sight. This Saturday, December 21st, is the winter solstice. . . that is, the first day of winter. This is the shortest day — and longest night — of the year, but from here on the days will get progressively longer. Every day, we will enjoy a few more minutes of precious daylight.

Nike is celebrating the longest night of the year this Saturday with a Flash Run starting at 7:00pm. Join us at our store and we will begin our run (approx. 5 miles) to an undisclosed location. You can learn more by visiting the Nike FlashRun Facebook page. Plus, if you visit you can pledge your miles to support a number of special youth charities.


Now for our Thursday Trivia Challenge. First of all, kudos and a New York Running Company t-shirt to Bobby Piegel, who correctly answered last week’s question and identified Stone Street as the first paved street in NYC.  This week’s question is a shout out to our friends from BridgeRunners, because on this day in 1903 the second East River crossing opened, linking Brooklyn and Manhattan. What is the name of this bridge? (Hint: it is featured in this Nike Flash video.)  Send your answer to and we’ll select one winner at random from all the correct responses.

Williamsburg Bridge

We’ll see you Saturday night!



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