Moji Risin’ at NYRC – New Massage Tools for your Aching Legs

We’re big believers in massage here at NYRC. Yeah, you’re putting in lots of miles of running, but let’s face it. . . your legs get sore sometimes. That’s where myofascial release comes in. What’s that? Well, the fascia is connective tissue that surrounds our muscles. This tissue can become restricted due to overuse or trauma, resulting in pain, muscle tension and diminished blood flow.

Trigger point therapy — both before and after your runs — can help release the fascia and relieve your pain and stiffness. We sell a complete line of foam rollers and massage kits. New to our store are some fantastic massage tools from Moji that feature¬†freely-rotating, steel massage spheres that dig deep into muscles all over your body to relieve pain and break up scar tissue. Come on in and try them out. . . better yet, let us teach you the secrets of a good massage. Aaahhhhhh, it feels so good!

Speaking of massage, come into NYRC this Monday for a special post-NYC Marathon treat. . . free massages and medal engraving, only at our Columbus Circle store!


Moji 360's metal massage spheres make your sore muscles say "Aaaahhhhh"

Moji 360’s metal massage spheres make your sore muscles say “Aaaahhhhh”


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