Nike Fuelband SE – Fun and Accurate Way to Track Your Activity

New in our stores in the Nike+ Fuelband SE, an improved version of this very popular bit of wristwear technology.  The Fuelband SE is immediately noted by its new highlight colors — in addition to the basic black you now have a choice bright pink, volt (yellow) and orange.

There are differences inside the SE as well.  Most importantly, it has more accurate sensors that allow users to track a wider range of activities, such as cycling, rowing and even yoga. The Fuelband SE can also be set to show your activity in different time intervals and will remind you if you are falling short of your activity goals.  The “Win the Hour” feature measures your activity throughout the day and prompts you to get active each hour.  The Nike+ Fuelband SE is also equipped with Bluetooth so it is easier to sync.

Best of all, the Nike+ Fuelband SE is still priced at $149.99. Come try one on at New York Running Company.

The New Nike+ Fuelband SE

The New Nike+ Fuelband SE

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