Out of the Gait — Thursday Trivia Challenge

The most important piece of equipment for a runner is, obviously, a pair of running shoes. At New York Running Company, we take great care in helping you select your shoes. This starts with a proper gait analysis. 

When customers arrive at New York Running Company, one of our trained running specialists will ask a few questions to learn a little about your running history and your goals. We will then bring you a pair of lightweight, neutral shoes to try on, and then it’s off to one of our treadmills. Each of the treadmills is equipped with a video camera that allows us to capture your run, then review it in frame-by-frame slow motion. The video allows us to see and analyze your stride in order to recommend the appropriate pair of shoes and perhaps other helpful remedies, such as foot-bed inserts or some simple coaching tips.

After recommending some shoes based on the initial analysis, we’ll have you back on the treadmill to see how you are running. We can even do a side-by-side analysis that allows us to compare how you run in different shoes.

Gait analysis is free and no appointment is necessary. Your gait analysis might be only a half minute of running, but it might be the most important 30 seconds you’ll ever run.


Runner on treadmill

Now it’s time for the Thursday Trivia Challenge. We had lots of guesses, but no correct answers to last week’s question. Abebe Bikila from Ethiopia was the first man to win back-to-back Olympic marathons, in 1960 (running barefoot!) and 1964.  And now, this week’s question, continuing the Olympic theme: Who was the first American to win the Olympic Decathlon? Send your answer to newyork@run.com (put “Trivia” in the subject line). We’ll select one winner at random from all correct answers who will receive a New York Running Company t-shirt!

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