Pick Up Your Pace With “Fast Twitch Tuesday”

Very often runners seem to get “stuck” at a certain speed; no matter what they do or how far they run they cannot seem to increase their pace. That’s where “interval training” can help.

Instead of logging more miles at the same pace, try running shorter bursts of speed, followed by slower periods of recovery. This kind of interval training helps “wake up” the fast-twitch muscle fibers in your legs and allows you to develop better running form at higher speeds. It even improves your cardio-vascular performance.

Want to learn more? Here’s an interesting article from “Runners World” that tells you about High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Better yet, join usĀ for our “Fast Twitch Tuesday” runs, led by Coach Nyles Garrison. And even better, come tonight for the Brooks Adrenaline Rush Queens Run. . . you’ll score a free souvenir pint glass from our friends at Brooks.

Come to New York Running Running Company every Tuesday night. . . watch your speeds go up and your times go down!




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