Sexy Pace Runner Highlight

We all have different reasons for running. What’s great is that together we are part of a wonderful running community that is built on helping each other.

We are pleased to highlight one of our Sexy Pace runners, who has been coming each Monday night with her teammates from the Isla de Corredores team.  Diana is a married mother of two and a registered nurse who never considered herself a runner. In fact, the longest she had ever ran or walked was 1.7 miles. A few of her friends were part of the Isla team and she watched how they trained for their races. After a few conversations and some friendly encouragement you might say that Diana jumped in with both feet. Six months ago she registered for her first race. . . the Miami Half Marathon next month!

Diana Alemar

Diana has incorporated not only running but strength training into her regimen. The highlight for her is the camraderie she feels with the Isla de Corredores girls and other Sexy Pacers who gather every Monday night at New York Running Company.

With the Miami Half just around the corner, Diana proudly completed her last long training run on Sunday. . . 11 miles!  We salute Diana and the rest of the Isla de Corredores team for showing us the true joy of running!

Good luck Diana. . . we look forward to seeing your medal in a few weeks!

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